1.The best of both worlds

Meaning-:You can enjoy two different opportunity at same time

2.See eye to eye

Meaning-:Agreeing with someone

3.When pigs fly

Meaning-:Something that will never happen

4.To cost an arm and a leg

Meaning-:Something very expensive

5.A piece of cake

Meaning-:Something very easy

6.Egg head

Meaning-:A very studious and academic person

7.Big cheese

Meaning-:An influential person

8.Couch potato

Meaning-:A lazy person who watches too much T.V

9.Tough cookie

Meaning-:A very determined person

10.Top banana

Meaning-:The chief person in a group

11.To cut cornors

Meaning-:To do something badly

12.To add insult to the injury

Meaning-:To make a situation worse

13.Break a leg

Meaning-:Good luck

14.To hit the nail on the head

Meaning-:To describe exactly what is causing a situation or a problem

15.Cry over split milk

Meaning-:When you complain about a loss from past

16.Ahead of the pack

Meaning-:To be more successful than the competition

17.Back to square one

Meaning-:To start something over again because a previous attempt failed

18.Ballpark number/figure

Meaning-:A very inexact estimate

19.Big picture

Meaning-:Everything that is involved with a particular situation

20.By the book

Meaning-:To do things exactly according to the rules or the law

21.A breeze


22.A dime a dozen

Meaning-:Common and available anywhere

23.A field day

Meaning-:A very enjoyable time

24.A hell of time

Meaning-:A difficult time

25.A little bird told me

Meaning-:Someone told me a secret

26.A lot on my plate

Meaning-:Very busy

27.A matter of time

Meaning-:When someone is inevitable

28.A penny of your thoughts

Meaning-:Ask for advice

29.A whale of time

Meaning-:An exciting experience

30.About time

Meaning-:Said to convey impatience

31.Ace in a hole

Meaning-:A hidden strength or advantage

32.Achilles heel

Meaning-:Someone’s weakness

33.Action speak louder than word

Meaning-:Judge what someone do rather than what they say

34.Add insult to injury

Meaning-:To worsen the situation which was already bad

35.Ahead of time

Meaning-:Earlier than the deadline

36.All ears

Meaning-:Listen carefully

37.All hands on decks

Meaning-:Everyone’s help is needed

38.All the rage


39.All thumbs


40.Ants in your pants


41.Apple of my eye

Meaning-:An adored person

42.Around the clock

Meaning-:Without stopping

43.As white as a sheet

Meaning-:Very fearful

44.Ask out

Meaning-:Ask someone on a date

45.At the drop of a hat


46.Back to the drawing board

Meaning-:Begin something all over again

47.Bad egg

Meaning-:A troublesome person

48.Ball is in your count

Meaning-:The decision is up to you

49.Bark up the wrong tree

Meaning-:Look in the false place

50.Basket case


51.Be an item

Meaning-:Be a couple

52.Be nut about

Meaning-:Really enjoy

53.Beast of burden

Meaning-:Someone who carry others problem

54.Beat a dead horse

Meaning-:Dwell on a topic beyond resolution

55.Beat around the bush

Meaning-:Avoid talking about something specifically

56.Beat the clock

Meaning-:Finish something before the deadline

57.Beet red


58.Better late than never

Meaning-:Doing something late is better than not doing it

59.Bide your time

Meaning-:Relax and take your time in doing something

60.Big cheese

Meaning-:An important person

61.Birthday suit


62.Bite the bullet

Meaning-:To endure an unpleasant and unavoidable situation

63.Bite the dust

Meaning-:To die

64.Bitter pills

Meaning-:Something unpleasant that must be accepted

65.Blue and black

Meaning-:Hurt physically or mentally

66.Speak of the devil

Meaning-:The person about whom you are talking appears at that moment

67.Once in a blue moon

Meaning-:An event that happens infrequently

68.Let the cat out of the bag

Meaning-:To accidentally reveal a secret

69.Break a leg

Meaning-:Good luck

70.Call it a day

Meaning-:Stop working on something

71.Black hole

Meaning-:Some place or situation in which things are lost

72.Black market

Meaning-:Illegal market

73.Black out

Meaning-:Lose consciousness

74.Black sheep

Meaning-:Unaccepted group member

75.Black tie event

Meaning-:Formal event

76.Blind date

Meaning-:Dating someone whom you have never met

77.Blue collar

Meaning-:Manual labour

78.Born yesturday


79.Bread and butter


80.Break the bank

Meaning-:To go bankrupt

81.Bring home the bacon

Meaning-:Earn money

82.Bronx cheer

Meaning-:Sarcastic applause

83. Buckle down

Meaning-:Work hard

84.Bundle of joy

Meaning-:New born baby

85.Burn a hole in my pocket

Meaning-:Spend too much money

86.Burn the midnight oil

Meaning-:Work late into the night

87.Burn my chops

Meaning-:Say something insulting

88.Butter someone up

Meaning-:Be really nice with someone

89.By a landslide

Meaning-:By a large margin

90.By the seat of your pant

Meaning-:Achieve quickly

91.By the skin of my teeth


92.Call the shots

Meaning-:Make the decision

93.Cash in the chips

Meaning-:Selling something

94.Cat nap

Meaning-:A short sleep

95.Catch you later

Meaning-:See you later

96.Cheap as chips

Meaning-:Very cheap


Meaning-:A frugal man

98.Chink in one’s armour

Meaning-:Vulnerable area

99.Chip in

Meaning-:Donate money or time

100.Calm up

Meaning-:Become quiet

101.Commit Harry Carry

Meaning-:Commit suicide

102.Cook the books

Meaning-:Dishonest accounting

103.Copy cat

Meaning-:Someone who copies someone

104.Couch potato

Meaning-:A lazy person

105.Cream of the crop

Meaning-:The best

106.Crocodile tears

Meaning-:Fake tears

107.Crunch time

Meaning-:A critical period

108.Cry your heart out

Meaning-:Cry a lot

109.Cup of joe

Meaning-:Cup of coffee



111.Cut cornors

Meaning-:Reduce spending

112.Cut the cheese


113.Cut the mustard

Meaning-:Meet the expectations

114.Cut the rug


115.Dirt cheap

Meaning-:Very inexpensive

116.Do time

Meaning-:Go to prison

117.Dog days

Meaning-:Very hot days

118.Double take

Meaning-:Look a second time

119.Down time

Meaning-:Relaxing time

120.Down to earth

Meaning-:Natural personality

121.Down to wire

Meaning-:To the end

122.Dress to kill

Meaning-:Dressed in glamorous clothes

123.Drink like a fish

Meaning-:Drink a lot

124.Drop like flies

Meaning-:Give up quickly

125.Eat like a horse

Meaning-:Eat a lot

126.Every nook and cranny

Meaning-:Every possible place

127.Fat chance


128.Feel blue

Meaning-:Feel sad

129.Fine tooth comb

Meaning-:In detail



131.Fit as a fiddle

Meaning-:Good physical health

132.Fit like a glove

Meaning-:Fit perfectly

133.Flesh and blood


134.Foot the bill

Meaning-:Pay for something

135.Front runner

Meaning-:Favorite to win

136.Get Hitched

Meaning-:Get married

137.Get the boot

Meaning-:Get fired

138.Give a cold shoulder


139.Give a hand

Meaning-:Help someone

140.Give a hard time


141.Give it your best shot

Meaning-:Try your hardest

142.Give no quater

Meaning-:Show no mercy

143.Give the green light

Meaning-:Give permission

144.Go dutch

Meaning-:Split the bill

145.Go overboard

Meaning-:Do more than needed

146.Go steady

Meaning-:Date each other

147.Go to bat for someone

Meaning-:Defend someone

148.Green thumb

Meaning-:Talent for gardening

149.Grey area


150.Handle with kid’s glove

Meaning-:Handle delicately

151.Happy camper

Meaning-:A contented person

152.Hat trick

Meaning-:Three goals by one player in one match

153.Have a blast

Meaning-:Have a good time

154.Have a cow

Meaning-:Get upset

155.Have eyes in back of your head


156.Have the hots for

Meaning-:To be attracted to someone

157.Have the upper hand

Meaning-:Have more chance to win

158.Head over heels

Meaning-:To be deeply in love

159.Hear it through the grapevine

Meaning-:Hear a rumour

160.Heart goes out to


161.Heavy heart


162.Hit a snag

Meaning-:Face a sudden problem

163.Hit the road


164.Hit the hay

Meaning-:Go to sleep

165.Hold all the aces

Meaning-:Expected to win

166.Hold your horse

Meaning-:Be patient

167.Holy cow

Meaning-:That is surprising

168.Horse around

Meaning-:Play roughly

169.I bet

Meaning-:I think so

170.In a nutshell

Meaning-:To sum up

171.In no time


172.In seventh heaven

Meaning-:In a state of bliss

173.In the black


174.In the dog house

Meaning-:In a trouble

175.In the long run

Meaning-:Long term

176.In the nick of time

Meaning-:Just in time

177.Joined at the hip


178.Jump ship


179.Jump the gun

Meaning-:Begin too soon

180.Keep your chin up

Meaning-:Stay positive

181.Keep your shirt on

Meaning-:Stay calm

182.Kick the bucket


183.Kill time

Meaning-:Pass time aimlessly

184.Learn the ropes

Meaning-:Learn new thing

185.Know by heart


186.Let the cat out of the bag

Meaning-:Reveal a secret

187.Let your hair down


188.Level playing feild

Meaning-:Equal chance

189.Lose it

Meaning-:Lose control

190.Love rat

Meaning-:Some one who cheats his partener